Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the tutoring sessions held?

Tutoring sessions are held at a mutually convenient location. Currently, sessions are held primarily at Treetop Tutoring in Swampscott. Public libraries and other community locations are also ideal settings for tutoring. Home-based tutoring and online session (Google Chat, FaceTime, Skype) options are also available however some additional restrictions and fees may apply.

What can I expect on my first visit?

Prior to the first visit, you will complete a questionnaire about your family, your child and the specific learning goals you hope to achieve through tutoring. Based on the information your provide, Dr Twigg will work with you to develop an initial plan and answer any questions you may have about the suggested approach; you will also book appointments for the next two weeks. After the consultation, Dr Twigg will begin working one-on-one with your child and establishing rapport through a play-based learning activity. Once your child is feeling comfortable, Dr Twigg will engage your child in some baseline assessment activities which will enable her to assess areas of strength and weakness. At the end of the session, Dr Twigg will provide your child with a goal sheet and at-home plan of action.

How many tutoring sessions will my child need?

There are many variables involved in determining the frequency and duration of tutoring sessions, including the needs of the child. Generally speaking, children respond best to one or two sessions each week for several weeks. Consistency plays a key role in making the most of tutoring. Parents should build tutoring into the weekly, school year routine for optimal results. Dr Twigg will set an initial plan for your child which will be revisited on a regular basis.

My child is uncomfortable in new situations. 

Can I stay with my child during the one-on-one tutoring session?

Parents have a different relationship with children than tutors do. Dr Twigg is an experienced teacher and trained in dealing with separation anxiety among young children. As a mother herself, she has a very gentle nature and is very empathetic towards children. It is best for your child if you are not in the same room during the tutoring session. Children who react strongly or exhibit signs of adversity may not be developmentally ready for one-on-one tutoring. Generally speaking, children become more comfortable more quickly once they kiss Mom or Dad goodbye for an hour!

Should I inform my child's teacher that s/he is being privately tutored?

Yes! Teachers are best able to meet the learning needs of students when they are fully aware of their educational experiences outside of school. If your child's teacher has recommended tutoring, it is important that you notify him/her as soon as possible. If you are seeking tutoring for your child to advance or hone skills over the summer, it is equally important to inform your child's current teacher so that s/he is aware you are seeking additional stimulation and wholly committed to your child's education.

My child's teacher has recommended tutoring. 

What information does Treetop Tutoring require?

If your child's teacher has provided you with a list of specific skills or areas of learning, please provide that to Dr Twigg at your next session. With this information, Dr Twigg will be able to support parents to address specific requirements from the school. You may wish to discuss a consultation appointment with Dr Twigg in this instance, also.

Questions? Please contact us directly for further assistance! 

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